some of you may or may not know, but i am partial to a bloody good band...

I understand this post won't be for everyone and that's okay, but for those that love pop punk music... this is for you.

I LOVE Neck Deep, although I've only seen them a handful of times, I listen to them almost daily and have a tattoo on my leg with some of their lyrics. They do feature in this blog! I'm regularly at local and even further afield gigs, festivals (Scarborough Punk Festival, Slam Dunk North, Download, YNot and lots of other smaller ones this year!) lots of local music nights and anything in-between where there is good music and of course, good beer! You'll often see me absolutely loving life down at the front getting involved.

Here's a top ten list of what I feel can bring back those nostalgic memories for the day and even some more up to date songs as it was never "just a phase!" for me! There's a link to the spotify song too if you wanna have a listen!

I'll be listening out on the dancefloor for any of the above. Let me know if you have any other songs you think should be on the list, or ones that are special to you. I'm a massive music fan from jazz, r'n'b, dance, heavy metal but my favourite will always be pop punk.