A question I and all photographers often get asked. We can't control the weather, there is nothing anyone can do about it, so my thoughts are:

1 - Get a rainy weather plan in place - i.e get a marquee for an outdoor wedding, get lots of umbrellas for your guests, have things in place before hand. Check your venue for any indoor spaces that could be used for photographs.

2 - Don't panic! You'll still have an amazing day with all your favourite people, if anything, the rain keeps people inside together in one place.

3 - Be flexible with the timings - Have you scheduled photos for 2pm but it's thundering? It's okay, we can move them until after dinner. Couple photos can't happen because the floor is drenched? Ask one of your guests to help or even better, get your new beau to pick you up! Wanted sunset photos but there wasn't a sunset? This is always a tricky one if people are set on those glorious golden hour shots BUT, there is always the opportunity to book in for a session, get dressed up again and go get some more photos at a later date!

4 - Hire a photographer that understands these things happen and although it's out of anyone's control, will do their best to get amazing photos for you. If this means that I am soaking at the end of the day, so be it! I'll happily hold umbrellas over you, we can get a guest to come help with lifting dresses, holding bouquets, changing shoes. It all makes it part of your unique day.

5 - And my favourite - buy some snazzy wellies and go for it!

Have a look at the group shots, couple shots and confetti shots from Ellie & Mike's wedding day to see that they still look AMAZING and they're full of love, laughter and emotion. It's very unlikely that it will rain for the ENTIRE day, i'll be keeping my eye out and popping out to see a break in the weather, you'll have to trust me an go with the flow

Flowers: https://www.daisyworks.co.uk/

Venues: https://beauvalepriory.co.uk/ & https://kimberley-tc.gov.uk/chapel-on-the-hill/