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Nottingham Wandering

Many of you may know that I've recently moved to Nottingham, and i'm still getting my bearings of the city - which I am becoming to love more and more by the way! But, I recently signed up to a website called Meet Up which has been a great way to go out and meet new people, there are all sorts of different events, and the most recent one I went to was a photography walk in the city. I thought what better way to immerse myself in the city i'm living in, to meet new people, and photographers, amateurs and professionals, than to go out with my camera.

These are all personal photographs, either things that grabbed my attention, my eye or just that I liked the look of. It was something quite out of my comfort zone to do, as I much prefer to work with and surround myself with people. These may be of no interest to you, so i'm sorry if you're still reading this haha!

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