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Stanwick Lakes - Engagement Session

Good afternoon on this dreary January day!

I hope you are well and the back to work blues haven't kicked in too hard! Featured on the blog today is an engagement session from back in June. A scorcher of a day spent in Stanwick Lakes, Wellingborough - round the corner from Holly & Steve's venue, and home too!

I like to do my engagement sessions a few months prior to the wedding, it's (usually) differen weather, creating a different light and gives us a chance to form a relationship over the next coming months. All my packages come with an engagement session and I do recommend you take the chance!

Holly & Steve and I were put in touch after they had initially contacted a local photographer who wasn't available on their wedding date, who then contacted me to check my availability. I was available, they liked my style and the rest is as they say, history! I met Holly & Steve at their home an then I was VERY lucky to get a ride in Steve's Mustang! I tried to keep my cool (hopefully I did!) with the fact I was in a car that many people dream of!

Many, if not all of my couples don't feel comfortable at the thought of being in front of the camera, and feel nervous, but do not worry, that's where I come in, to make it as relaxed and as comfortable as I possibly can. I'm genuinely interested in all my couples, and people in general and I like share/hear/exchange stories of life/love/animals and anything and everything, hopefully allowing you to relax! Steve & Holly spoke to me about a particular face Steve seems to pull when a camera is placed in front of him, I mean, I HAD to see it... and boy was it a corker!

Steve asked as we were leaving if we could get a few shots of the car, (errrr, YES definitely!) So we went full on posing session, having a few images, including a quick polish of said Mustang with Holly's outfit!

At least it wasn't the wedding dress!

If you know of anyone getting married in the Northampton area, please do let me know, although i'm based in Nottingham I travel allover the UK. I get itchy feet so seeing new places is something I absolutely LOVE to do!

Thank you!

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