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Earlier this month I decided to pack a backpack and jet off to Malta for a long weekend. I'd found some super cheap flights, just needed my headphones, some comfy walking shoes and a variety of books! I wore the same clothes a few times, to sacrifice space in my bag from my camera... because, well, it was coming with me and that was that.

I'd stumbled across a really lovely little hostel online in Sliema called Two Pillows, (i'd definitely reccomend!) and I spent a lot of time in Malta wandering around, travelling around on the buses and taking it all in.

The photos below are just a snippet of the many that I had taken, I had no idea how much I love doors! What on earth?! Doors/windows/natural frames... My lecturer from university would be proud as he used to tell us about his love for photographing ladders!

If anyone would like any info on my 4 day trip, let me know! I'd be happy to share restaurants, pubs, tourist attractions that I visited whilst I was there! All on a budget too ;)

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