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DIY Tipi Wedding

With the weather drawing in to cold dark nights, I'm looking back longingly at the weddings from the summer, many of them holding a place in my heart.

Amy & Kallan's day was definitely one of those weddings I will never forget to have been a part of. Maybe the free bar, the many games, the relaxed atmosphere all added to create this magical day for the two of them and their guests.

I first met Amy & Kallan at the location they were having their reception, the beautiful setting of Kallan's parents home, surrounded by beautiful Derbyshire countryside! We spoke about their plans, they're uncertainty about a few timings, and a few surprises they had planned!!! I could tell from the initial meeting it was going to be epic.

I hope the images speak for themselves with this wedding...

The party continued throughout the evening and Amy & Kallan and their friends and family had such an amazing night! And there may have been a few sore heads the morning after :P!

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