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Max Restaino - 02Academy, Islington

Many of you may or may not know but my partner Lawrence is a professional drummer & teacher ( and is amazing, even though I may be biased! ) but he has been drumming for some time with the massively talented Max Restaino and on Thursday night he played down in London town in the 02 Academy in Islington, it was SUCH a good night. The crowd were absolutely loving Max's songs!!

The support artists Marley Blandford & Jo Breezer came along and played acoustic sets and were really great! Definitely worth checking them out!

As a documentary style photographer I like to capture things as they unfold so I was taking images behind the scenes on the way down to London and of the band's sound check...

The show was great and I am still singing Max's amazing song's and probably will be doing a little dance in my kitchen when one come's on my spotify...

Check out max-music & lawrencegilesdrums

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