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Woodlane Countryside Centre - August 5th 2017


Today's blog is focusing on Matt & Rachel's wedding from August the 5th in Sheffield at St Catherine of Sienna Church and it was an absolutely scorcher of a day, boy am I glad I wore black! *yikes*

The day started at Rachel & Matt's home just around the corner from the church, I eagerly knocked on the door and to my surprise Matt was there with his suit on ready to go... Rachel, her son Sam & her bridesmaids, and brides man David we're all in their front room getting everything prepared, and Toby was even there (their little jack russell) ready and waiting...

I knew from the first point of contact with Rachel that it was going to be a very relaxed, informal wedding day and I was very excited! Rachel & Matt's story I think will stick with me forever. For those of you that don't know, I worked as photographer on P&O cruises for about a year travelling, photographing passengers and weddings on board, it was such an amazing experience and when Rachel told me that her and Matt met when they were 15 & 18 on board P&O's Canberra back in the day that was it, we were discussing cruising for a good 10 minutes on the phone... but back to the wedding, Rachel & Matt decided they wanted a Canberra themed wedding and if you have a peak below, you'll be able to see the details of the day.

The wedding took place in St Catherine Siena Church in Sheffield, a very special church to Rachel as her grandmother and mother got married there, and her father is the priest there, and actually officiated the wedding for them, the church holds a very special place in their heart as a family and it's wonderful that it's tradition has been able to carry on.

The ceremony took place and there were ALOT of tears, but things soon changed when the newly husband and wife, with the bridal party decided that a McDonalds stop off was a good idea... and I could not have agreed more, so I of course went along with them... *skips the photos of us eating McDs*

We got to the venue at Wood Lane Countryside Centre and it looked beautiful - Rachel & Matt decided on a DIY wedding and it could not have been a better place for it!

Everyone was relaxing, drinking and enjoying themselves, there were 'deck quiots' and croquet inkeeping with the Canberra theme which was a lovely touch and children and adults enjoyed a game or two on the lawn in the sun... it was perfect.

I borrowed Rachel & Matt for a quick 15 minutes to get some photographs of the two of them together... and before we knew it Rachel's dad and brother were setting up the band!

Can we all take a moment to appreciate Rachel's House of Elliot Shoes aswell! OH MY GEEEEEZ!!! Beautiful!

The night quickly came around and everyone was enjoying them selves, laughing, joking and celebrating Rachel & Matts day! BUT there was one suprise in store for the new Mr & Mrs Simpson - Sam, bravley took to the microphone and spoke about how much he loved his parents and it was so lovely, but here was also a lot of pre-speech nerves, see Sam going over his speech (which he left in the car, so was reading off a photograph on the trusty phone!)

If you are looking at getting married at Woodlane Countryside centre, I would definitely recommend it, it was a great place for a DIY wedding and the garden at the back was so peaceful and private!

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