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Stanihurstonbury Festival

Over a month now since the wedding of Mr & Mrs Staniforth has taken place, and there are still so many memories from their day that I love! It was an absolute honour to photograph their day! Meeting Nic & Pete through a mutual friend back in October last year at their home in Yorkshire, ohhh, and their cute as a pie dog Jack, you can immediately see how much in love, settled and happy they are as a couple! It was truly lovely to see.

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We had a little pre-shoot at a local park that's had it's fair share of bad press but after a bit of a re-vamp it's such a lovely location, we had a walk round, Jack chased as many things as he could, and I was running around Nic & Pete. Such a simple walk but beautiful images of the three of them! They must have liked something I did to have me photograph their day (thanks again!) They'd talked to me on the day about their plans for the Wedding in May and I was SO excited, I just had to do everything I could to photograph it as it was set to be an absolute banger, and it did not disappoint... but, i'll get to that later!

The day started at their home, with a very relaxed lunch where close friends and family were invited, they'd set out a beautiful buffet and drank cups of tea... a little (the most formal part of the day) toast took place too! Not being a relative/close friend, Nic & Pete made me feel so welcome in their home and it was great to mingle and have free roam of their home to get guests and the two of them interacting as normal.

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Time was disappearing super quick and Nic went next door, to the maid of honours home, to get ready! I saw the dress for the first time and almost cried as it was so beautiful, turned out she had gotten it from the internet, it was absolutely stunning & suited her so much! Nic being such a natural beauty, doesn't tend to wear makeup but as she was sitting at her maid of honours dressing table, she applied a small amount and by gosh, she looked amazing! I overheard the MOH say at one point during the day how different Nic looked with a little bit of lipstick on and as soon as Pete saw her downstairs in their front room for the first time, his face BEAMED! I'm tearing up thinking about it now, I imagine he felt on top of the world looking at his bride!

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We went back next door, where Pete was already prepping and getting in his suit, and packing bags for overnight... aswell as helping the best men sort their ties out and then the heavens OPENED! Absolute downpour... but amongst the rain, a surprise from the MOH arrived on the drive, it could not have arrived at a better time - A VW CAMPERVAN to take both the bride and groom to the venue!!!! AMAZING! The energy in their front room changed from relaxed to a hint of nervousness and a lot of excitement, even with the heavy rain, it was smiles and laughter all around!

The flowers, I CANT WAIT TO SHARE THEM WITH YOU!!! They were absolutely AMAZING! So simply yet SO SO stunning! Donated by very close friends of Nic & Pete from MONICA HEWITT'S FLORIST IN SHEFFIELD. OHHHH MY! We were stood in their hallway waiting for the VW to drop Pete off and then come to get Nic and it was such a calm few moments, holding their bouquets, I was capturing Nic & Sharon her MOH laughing and joking and giggling with excitement about the day, and evening to come!

flowers, daisies, wedding bouquet
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Arriving at the Town Hall where Nic & pete were due to be married, and the downpour decided to start again, just as Nic was getting out of the van, one of the best men, Andy, came to meet her with an umbrella and walk her to the entrance, such a gent! Then, the ceremony begin, Pete looked as calm as ever stood at the front of the room surrounded by his family and friends. Nic walked down the aisle with her MOH and father, she took a look at Pete and her eyes started to fill up... as many other's in the room also did!

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There are a few moments directly after the ceremony where I always find the newly married couple have a bit of a breather before guests congratulate them and they can have a drink, in this case, Pete kissed his new wife and started to well up - he asked me not to share any images of this, as no one else was around, but with his permission, he has allowed me to do so!

After the ceremony and a few formal photographs we were on to the next location.... the pub! Old No 7, a real ale pub based in the town, 2 minutes from the town hall where they left as Mr & Mrs Staniforth, housed their family and guests until we were ready for the next part of the day! After an hour or so at the venue, we were on our way to a local scout camp where Stanihurstonbury festival was in full swing! I managed to steal Nic & Pete - and Jack of course - for a walk in the bluebell woods, it was stunning! They chose this time of year to get married especially for the bluebells, so it was one not to miss!

The evening progressed and everyone was having so much fun, there were no real speeches, but the best men took to the stage to say a few words about Pete, nothing I can actually repeat here so swiftly moving on... Nic & Pete had a local singer Steph sing a few of their favourites, and even got Nic up to sing! I couldn't believe the voice coming out of this beautiful woman in her wedding dress! It was lovely! Pete took a seat in front of the stage and admired his wife's singing. The real ale was going down quick and the buffet opened up, a local curry house that Nic & Pete frequent supplied some food, which looked like it was to feed the thousands as there were so many guests! But it was delicious! As the band 'Vests & Pant's' came on, the pork pie cake was getting tucked into & there was a lot of dancing, a lot of silliness, and even a game or two! The evening for me had to stop somewhere as I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer but many of the guests and Nic & Pete partied through the evening.

The day was so relaxed, so informal and just a wonderful day. If & when I get married, i'd love to be able to have a day like Nic & Pete's! I'm sure they will cherish this day forever in their hearts, I know it's one I will NEVER forget.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog & thanks to Nic & Pete for allowing me to share this, and to Sharon, our mutual friend for introducing us.


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