Hi, I'm Emma!

Yep, that weird looking person up there really is me.

I like to think that photo sums me up...
 Blue skies & sunshine, a little bit daft, with my camera.

I'm a Nottingham based photographer, nice to meet you!

When I'm not spending my days surrounded by people in love or sitting at my desk with a big cuppa tea doing admin things, I'm usually spending my time with friends, eating good food or planning my next trip away. 

I love the outdoors, I'm happiest with my wellies on, walking along a beach, up a massive hill or just sitting watching the waves roll on by. I'm also VERY happy sitting infont of the TV watching the newest thing on Netflix and eating my body weight in cake or ice-cream, I like to call it balance. 


I asked my nearest and dearest to sum me up in three words to give you a little insight in to who I really am! Funny to see a few words mentioned more than once, it was really lovely, and here they are; 
Relaxed, trustworthy, fun, outgoing, brave, hilarious (definitely a matter of opinion!) charismatic, determined, friendly, honest, dedicated, lovely, focused!  

My Approach to Wedding Photography

I’m a relaxed, documentary wedding photographer, which means my photographs will tell the story of your day, as it unfolds. I'm a people watcher, I like to be in the background watching and capturing people enjoying themselves. 

10, 20 and 30 years from now, all you will have to look back on are the photographs from one of the most special days of your lives, so why have a photographer that's going to take you off on your own with hundreds of shots they want to create, I'm there to capture the shots you create yourselves, with your friends and family, full of emotion and laughter.


I do like to steal the two of you away but for only a short amount of time, approximately 15 minutes to get some of the two of you together, but here I'll maybe give you some tips and advice, but generally ask you just to talk to each other and relax in each others company. 

Have a look at my online gallery to see if you like what you see from past weddings

I'd love to hear about your plans so far, please get in touch on my contact page here


EMAIL: emmamcnairphotography@gmail.com                      TEL: (44)07811768488