You've got this far, so you must think we're a good match? I take it you're looking for a relaxed, informal, documentary style photographer? I am your gal! 

I'd be more than happy to chat over the phone/skype or meet for a cuppa tea (maybe even some carrot cake!) to discuss plans! I love hearing about the ideas you have, how you met, everything about you.

​I'm quite an emotional person when it comes to weddings, I want to do my absolute best for you, and you'll probably see me tearing up throughout the day at the speeches, at grandma dancing, at a the way your partner looks at you, I love that I am able to hide behind the camera and capture what's happening right in front of me. It is an absolute honour and I can't imagine any other way to spend my days! 

Please drop me a message with any questions, tell me about your plans so far, or just to check my availability?